Our Vision & Goals

At jobsforsikhs.com, our main vision is to provide a platform where Sikh youngsters are able to get employment suitable to their profile. It is well known fact that the Sikh community is a hardworking, loyal and dedicated community which has not only exceled in different industries in India but all over the World. Providing jobs to Sikh youth will not only provide growth to the hardworking and dedicated minority segment of the society but will also help these youngsters to become a tool in strengthening the economy of the Country.

At the same time we at Jobs For Sikhs™ want the respectable Employers to have maximum benefit from our website. Keeping this in mind Jobs For Sikhs™ team has decided to provide the services on jobsforsikhs.com free of cost to the employers so that they can take the maximum benefit from the website. Not only this, the communication between the employers and the job seekers has been kept in direct mode where both can contact each other without the permission or authorization from jobsforsikhs.com. 

Future services to be provided at jobsforsikhs.com

1) In future along with the job opportunities you will also be able to get hand on experience from people belonging to different industries. This will not only make the candidate aware about the pros and cons of that particular industry but will also help in choosing the career accordingly.
2) Along with this support will be provided in writing resume, getting interview ready, training in soft skills which constitutes of different arenas of skills like: people skills, social skills, communication skills, character traits, attitudes, social intelligence, career attributes and emotional intelligence etc. which helps the candidate to perform well and adjust with positive and team player attitude among others in the corporate world while achieving his career and job oriented goal.