• The role played by Jobs For Sikhs™ is to provide a platform to the Sikh youngsters and potential Employers to work and communicate with each other according to their needs related to job vacancies and career. Jobs For Sikhs™ is not a commercial placement agency and is creating and providing this platform to help and support the youngsters in getting jobs suitable to their profile and at the same time provide Employers with candidates with required job profile.

  • is a dedicated website to provide best career opportunities to you. By registering on you will get the following benefits free of cost: 

    1) Providing the most relevant andrecent job opportunities are in your reach related to different career fields.

    2) A unique account to manage your profile, job vacancies and to communicate with potential employers without paying a penny.

    3) Helps you by making your information reach maximum number of specific field related employers.

    4) Update you with information onregular basis by sending notifications on your email.

    5) You can have your queries answered on Chat tool.

    6) You can apply for multiple job vacancies.

  • 1) Employers can search the required employees as per their job vacancy need.


    2) A unique account to manage your profile, job vacancies you want/have posted and to communicate with potential job seekers directly without paying anything.


    3) Helps you by making your search for potential job seekers easy and hassle free according to your job vacancy requirement.


    4) You can update your requirements and post job vacancies as man times as you want and that too free of cost.


    5) By posting your job vacancies and employing candidates from Jobs For Sikhs™ you are not only providing employment but at the same time helping hardworking and dedicated youth from the minority segment of the society to achieve new heights in the career.


    6) You can post multiple job openings from same or different working areas.

  • Candidates and the Employers do not have to pay anything for the services as this is a community service being provided by Jobs For Sikhs™ on no profit no loss platform.

  • Sign Up/ Login as candidate :

    Candidate will sign up on the site by entering the information requested in sign up form. After Sign Up candidate will be able to Login on Job for Sikhs site. 

    Enter Username 

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    Click on Sign Up button to get registered on Jobs for Sikhs site. All Done!* Your password will be sent to you on the email provided while signup!

  • Yes, you need a valid email id and contact number to register on This email id will be used to communicate with you in the future. At Jobs For Sikhs™, we respect your privacy and hate spam as much as you do. Your information is safely kept and we will not sell your email address to any third party. Without the email id we will not be able to provide you information related to your job/candidate search.

  • Your information as mentioned in your resume is required to help us match your profile with the job vacancies relevant to your past experience, skills and education. This not only makes easier for the employers to search for the right candidate but also makes your profile more visible.

  • Yes, you can update or edit your profile whenever you want in future. To do so you will have to log in on and click on edit profile link in "My Profile"section. A regularly updated profile ensures that relevant job openings reach you and also potential employers can view your up to date information making it easier for them to do the selection by matching your information with the requirement of the job vacancy they have posted. 

  • Registered employers can see your profile.
  • Yes, Recruiters can see your complete profile.
  • Yes, you have to register to avail the services provided by the website and all the services are provided free of cost by Jobs For Sikhs™.

  • Yes, it is necessary for the employers to register on to avail the services provided by the website and all the services are provided free of cost by Jobs For Sikhs™.

  • Please check your username and password. If you have forgotten your password you can request for new password by clicking on “Forgot Password” link. 

  • If you are not able to trace the welcome mail received from Jobs For Sikhs™ team and you have forgotten your password, kindly click on the "Forgot Password" link below the log inbox. It will prompt you to enter your username (email id). By doing so a new password will be sent to you on the email id provided by you.

  • No, you can only apply once for a particular job posting.

  • Yes, it is very much possible. To upload a new resume or to edit your old resume login on and select “MyProfile” section and there you will find the options of Upload/ Edit/Delete.